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seNet® – digital and secure

Secure and highly available mobile communications are indispensable for carrying out their tasks, and not only for authorities and organs with security tasks (BOS). In many private and community sectors, mobile communication is necessary for efficient business operations or crisis management.

While the Ministry of the Interior is currently implementing the establishment of a nationwide digital radio network for public authorities and organizations with security tasks, the private sector has no alternative to analog radio broadcasting in sight. This is precisely where seNet® from STEAG Power comes in and closes the gap.

seNet® is designed for professional users, who depend on a largely tap-proof (by digital coding), mobile voice and data communication with high reliability. These include, for example, vehicle fleet control in the area of ​​local traffic, monitoring of persons with security services, the chemical industry, fleet control in logistics service providers or emergency communication for energy suppliers (municipal utilities, etc.).

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The Network – next-generation broadcasting

With seNet®, the participants have at their disposal a state-of-the-art digital radio network. For small companies with few participants as well as large companies with several hundred participants, STEAG Power offers a cost-effective alternative to the expensive construction of their own radio networks.

The technical basis for seNet® is the TETRA standard (Terrestrial Trunk Radio) developed in 1995 by the ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute). TETRA is an open standard that is very similar to the GSM standard used in mobile communications. It was primarily designed for security-relevant government applications (BOS), but is also suitable for private-sector users who require secure mobile communications.

Digital transmission technology makes it possible to define and differentiate between a large number of discussion groups in a single network. This allows employees of various companies and institutions within their own group to communicate securely throughout the entire seNet®.

seNet® – the advantages at a glance

Compared to the technically outdated and functionally restricted analogue operational radio, the digital trunked radio offers seNet® subscribers a number of advantages:

  • Duplex operation, no more disadvantages when talking to landline users AbMany tap-proof by digital coding of the radio Signals
  • High reliability through redundant design of all major system components and infrastructure
  • Quickly low call setup times and direct dialing and display of the call Partner
  • Flexible thanks to easy integration into the customer's existing communication infrastructure (eg connection to the customer's PBX)
  • Can be used universally for voice and data communication as well as persons / systems and vehicle monitoring and position Determination
  • Simply by standardized interfaces and procedures
  • Cost-effective through fixed monthly rates for network-internal connections - regardless of the language volume

In addition to the significantly improved voice quality, interference from neighboring channels and relay stations in the digital trunked radio system, which is known from analog radio communication, is excluded. Additional services such as the GPS positioning system or the sending of status messages and short messages (SDS) complete the range of services offered by seNet®.

The coverage area

The base stations will be set up at the power plant sites of STEAG GmbH and other transmission sites. This covers an area of about 2600 square kilometers from Wesel to Münster and Oelde.


  • The construction, operation and operation of the radio network is carried out under the aspect of ensuring high availability and operational safety
  • A cheap, fixed, flat monthly fee irrespective of the number / duration of the calls
  • Competent on-site consultation
  • Processing and implementation of solutions for customized operation optimization
  • Provision of test Equipment
  • Supporting the introduction of the new radio equipment and briefing on the new Features
  • Consultation in the choice of the specialist dealer for delivery / installation / programming / service of the terminals
  • Provision of interfaces for the connection of customer dispatcher workstations for own fleet Management
  • Provision of an Internet portal for fleet control by means of GPS positioning Provision of interfaces for direct coupling of existing, customer-specific communication systems to realize an effective, homogeneous communication infrastructure
  • Construction / operation of customized Tetra networks / cells outside of the specified coverage area


STEAG Power provides a basic supply area with seNet®, which can be used for a fixed monthly fee per participant. The monthly fee includes a voice flat rate for network-internal connections and a free quota for data services (eg for short messages and status messages). The fee is approximately at the level of flatrate offers GSM providers, but is reduced depending on the duration of the contract and the number of devices.

Against a cost-related additional charge, a direct connection of your existing PBX to the digital seNet® is possible. This means that a uniform communication platform is available to you across the board. Your seNet® subscribers will then virtually become extensions of your telephone system. Conversations to and from these fall then also under the Voice Flatrate and are thus free of charge.

For the access of seNet® subscribers to the fixed network via their own seNet® connection, normal network connection charges will be charged. When connecting to your PBX, only your own landline charges are incurred.

If you would like to manage your devices yourself or have special requirements for additional applications for a larger number of participants, we work with you to develop a solution tailored to your individual needs.

List of distributors

MK Funkanlagen Service GmbH
Herner Str. 148
44809 Bochum

Phone: +49 234 587070

IFN Industrie-, Funk- und Nachrichtentechnik GmbH & Co.KG
Kruppstr. 82 H1 (ETEC)
45145 Essen

Phone: +49 201 634 606-0

Coler Systems GmbH
Harpener Hellweg 7-11
44805 Bochum

Phone: +49 234 92684-02