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Trade right 24/7

As the trading division of STEAG Power, our focus is on the optimal use of our generation assets to support security of supply in Germany and the European UCTE (Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity) grid.

Our value added ranges from global fuel procurement and the necessary logistics to the power plant, through the procurement of emission rights to the marketing and deployment planning of our seven power plants on the Ruhr and in Saarland with a total electrical output of around 3,500 MW.

We have access to the nationally and internationally important energy markets where raw materials and electricity are traded. Thanks to this broad market access to more than 100 market partners, all options in energy trading are open to us.

As we are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week as a load distributor and energy trader on our trading floor, we can optimally control management at any time and flexibly orient it to current demand.


Your contact persons

Dr. Stephan Riezler
Trading Front Office Manager
+49 (201) 801-3650

Karl Resch
Head of Origination & Sales
+49 (201) 801-3532

Holger Späk
Head of Load Balancing / Competence Center
+49 (201) 801-2254

Markus Wolf
Trading Desk Manager
+49 (201) 801-3620

Our focus: wholesale markets

We focus exclusively on the wholesale markets and do not offer distribution for end customers. If you are interested in supplying as an end customer, then we recommend that you contact our sister company, Iqony GmbH.

Your contact person

Dr. Tobias Pfingsten
Sales Manager Iqony
+49 (201) 801-3542