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Energy trading and hedging

We market the generation output of our power plants through various channels and products. We trade standard trading products via exchanges and in over-the-counter ("OTC") trading. We trade non-standard products OTC with selected market partners.

Standard trading products

From today for tomorrow to three years from now, we market assets in both financial and physical form. We trade standard products such as electricity, coal, gas and emission certificates on the energy exchanges and in over-the-counter trading. We make targeted use of market volatility to optimize trading positions. We hedge currency risks using derivative products.

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Artur Tynior
Trading Desk
+49 (201) 801-2252

Non-standard products and complex transactions

We also market power plant slices of our generation facilities via power plant-related supply contracts (VPPs) with and without optionality. This gives our market partners the option of either receiving a fixed electricity supply or determining the use of their power plant slice themselves on the basis of predefined parameters and thus requesting power when they need it or want to market it.

Your contact person

Thomas Weinrich
+49 (201) 801-3664