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Climate neutral by 2040

STEAG Group presents sustainability report

We provide secure energy.

Making energy simple.

STEAG has stood for efficient and safe power generation for over 85 years.

As of January 1, 2023, we have reorganized with two independent companies, Iqony GmbH and STEAG Power GmbH: Both business units are located under the umbrella of STEAG GmbH, which acts as the central management company of the Group.

Iqony GmbH is our new, independently operating company. Here, the areas of photovoltaics and wind energy, hydrogen activities, energy solutions for decarbonizing industry and municipalities, climate-friendly district heating supply, energy storage for electricity and heat, and activities in the area of digitalization are bundled. As a result, Iqony can now offer the joint services in an even more targeted manner, which will additionally promote the positive development of these business areas in the coming years.

STEAG Power GmbH bundles the power plant business and thus makes a major contribution to security of supply in Germany. Our share of total electricity generation in Germany is around five percent. We are sticking to our strategy of phasing out hard coal-fired power generation in the long term.


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