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Conventional power plants and international shareholdings

The share of controllable power generation based on conventional energy sources is steadily decreasing in the course of the energy transition, while the share of renewable energies in the electricity mix is steadily increasing. We are taking responsibility and have reduced our own domestic CO2 emissions by almost 85 percent between 1990 and today.

Nevertheless, conventional power plants will still be needed in the future to ensure the necessary security of supply for Germany as an industrial nation on its way to a largely emission-free energy future. STEAG Power is making a major contribution to avoiding a real shortage of natural gas. By returning the hard coal-fired power plants in Bexbach and Weiher to the market from the grid reserve and continuing to operate the plants in Bergkamen and Völklingen that are scheduled for decommissioning, we are helping to secure the energy supply. In total, we operate hard coal-fired power plants at six locations in Germany. Our share of total electricity generation in Germany is about five percent.

In addition, STEAG Power operates large power plants in Turkey and Colombia. We are sticking to our strategy of phasing out hard coal-fired power generation in the long term.

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