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Fuel procurement

To be able to provide the marketed output economically and reliably, power plants depend on a secure fuel supply at favorable conditions. We procure coal for our own coal-fired power plants worldwide - and deliver it safely to the sites via our own logistics chain.

Coal trade

We control fuel procurement centrally for our own power plant fleet. By bundling, we can achieve volume advantages. To be able to react flexibly to fluctuations in demand, prices or currencies, we are active in various countries of origin. To meet specific power plant requirements, we can procure a wide range of coal qualities and produce coal blends.

Your contact person

Oliver Welling
Fuel Procurement & CDS-VPP
+49 (201) 801-2423



To transport the coal safely and economically to our power plant sites, we have established our own logistics chain of optimally coordinated transport routes and modes. The coal is transported to the power plants by ocean-going vessels, inland waterway vessels and/or rail. Thanks to several interim storage facilities, coal can also be delivered at relatively short notice if required.

Your contact person

Evelyn Krause-Mockenhaupt
Load Dispatch / Competence-Center
+49 (201) 801-3662

Andrea Novak
Load Dispatch / Competence-Center
+49 (201) 801-3661