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More space to work on

Essen’s Maria Wächtler School is delighted with a donation of desks from STEAG

Essen. Around 100 desks that are no longer needed but still fully functional have been donated by the Essen-based energy company STEAG to the Maria-Wächtler-Schule in Essen. The children and teachers at the secondary school are pleased to receive the gift, because the desks are deep and provide plenty of space to work on.

The Maria-Wächtler-Schule has around 1,000 students at two locations close to each other; 94 teachers work at the school. One of the school’s main focuses is bilingual education, in which several subjects are also taught in English. But the school doesn’t only have something to offer language-loving children, because another focus is on STEM subjects, i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics – large desks are very welcome there!

Principal Thorsten Korthaus confirms this: “We have used the desks to re-equip our examination rooms for the upper school in particular,” says the principal. Previously, the examinees had sat at comparatively small individual desks. “Thanks to the new desks, the students now have significantly more space to spread out their work materials and the exam papers and to work in a concentrated manner.”n vergleichsweise kleinen Einzeltischen gesessen. „Dank der neuen Tische haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler nun deutlich mehr Platz, um ihre Arbeitsutensilien und die Prüfungsaufgaben ausbreiten und konzentriert arbeiten zu können.

In the past, space was sometimes at a premium, especially during exams that lasted several hours: “You can’t do without something to eat and drink – and you also need somewhere to put the food and drink. He added that the students were also very pleased about this.

STEAG pleased with sensible repurposing
STEAG, on the other hand, is pleased that the desks are still serving well in their new life: “All the desks are fully functional, but STEAG no longer had any use for them. So it is all the nicer the equipment at the Maria-Wächtler-Schule have been improved with their help,” says Dr. Thomas Becker, whose responsibilities at STEAG include facility management.

Photo: The students of the Maria-Wächtler School lent a helping hand in transporting the new tables.