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More space for crafting

Dorsten’s Antoniusschule is delighted with a donation of desks from STEAG

Dorsten/Essen. Fifty desks that are no longer needed but still fully functional have been donated by the Essen-based energy company STEAG to the Antoniusschule in Dorsten. The children and teachers of the elementary school are pleased to receive the gift, because the desks are deep and provide plenty of space to work on.

Dorsten’s Antoniusschule has around 280 pupils in a total of 12 classes. 22 teachers work at the school.

“We used the desks to refurnish our multipurpose room,” says school principal Juliane Hilke. On the one hand, this room serves as a conference venue for the teaching staff and is used for meetings on parents’ days. On the other hand, art and craft lessons are also held here for many classes of the municipal elementary school. According to the experienced principal, “this has the advantage that the children can spread out perfectly at the deep tables during their creative work, making full use of the space. There’s more than enough room for all the utensils.”

STEAG pleased with sensible repurposing
STEAG is pleased that the desks are still serving well in their new life: “All the desks are fully functional, but STEAG no longer had any use for them. So it’s all the nicer that they have been used to improve the equipment at the Antoniusschule,” says Dr. Thomas Becker, whose responsibilities at STEAG include facility management.