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STEAG support for special initiative during coronavirus pandemic

Message of hope and inspiration projected onto the stack of STEAG’s power plant in Herne

Herne. There’s no missing it if you’re driving along the A 42 or A 43 freeway past STEAG’s Herne power plant: a laser projection emblazoning the some 300-meter-high stack with a message of hope and inspiration declaring “Herne packt das!” – “Herne can do it!”, a rallying motto for social solidarity in Herne during the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea for this initiative came from the brothers Markus and Thomas Lakomý, who together run the event technology company MMT-Veranstaltungstechnik in Herne: “The STEAG power plant is a Herne landmark that is visible for miles. As we deal with light and video installations day in, day out, we spontaneously came up with the idea of using the stack for a special initiative in view of the coronavirus pandemic,” the two entrepreneurs from Herne explain.

Extraordinary times call for positive messages
On being approached about this unusual idea, STEAG was more than willing to support the initiative. “Every day at the moment, the current situation means that the entire country is facing new challenges that were unimaginable for us just a short time ago. Precisely in times such as these, it is the short positive messages that are especially important, and that’s why we’re pleased to be part of this initiative,” Joachim Rumstadt, Chairman of STEAG’s Executive Board remarks.

And STEAG plant manager Olaf Borck adds: “The STEAG power plant is part of Herne’s identity. That meant we were able to sort out all permit issues with Herne town council and Arnsberg district council very quickly, enabling the projection to start bang on time for the Easter break.”

A symbol of optimism and solidarity
Frank Dudda, Mayor of Herne, is also delighted by the initiative: “This is a symbol of optimism and confidence in the fact that by all pulling together, we will get through this crisis. The people of Herne don’t let things get them down, and especially in times like these they are there for each other. All of that is embodied by the motto “Herne can do it!”

Initiative to last for the duration of the coronavirus measures
How long the installation will be visible on the stack depends on how long the restrictions on public life in connection with coronavirus remain in place. As things stand at present, that means the message will continue to be displayed until at least the end of April. But no matter how long the initiative does eventually last, Herne entrepreneur Thomas Lakomý is satisfied: “I’m delighted the idea appealed both to the town council and to STEAG, and that everyone got involved to turn the vision into reality.”