Coal. The “black gold” remains a valuable source of energy

Coal still has an important role to play as part of a reliable and cost-effective energy mix

We operate nine coal-fired power plants along the Rhine and Ruhr rivers and in Saarland, and another three abroad. We also have two refinery power plants in Germany. By continually optimising our plants, we are able to extract energy from coal more economically and flexibly than ever before.

Some of our plants produce thermal energy in addition to electricity using the Opens external link in new windowheat and power cogeneration principle. This method makes especially efficient use of our valuable coal resources.

We also Opens internal link in current windowplan, Opens internal link in current windowfinance, Opens internal link in current windowconstruct and Opens internal link in current windowoperate coal-fired power plants.

Coal is a fossil fuel. The black, hard sedimentary rock is formed from the remains of prehistoric plants that have become chemically altered and enriched with carbon dioxide over millions of years in the absence of air. The coal is then burned to generate electricity and heat. 

Our  model power plant reveals how electricity is produced in a coal-fired power plant.

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