Renewable Energy

Working together for renewable energies

We have been placing an emphasis on renewable energies for many years now and continue to further and systematically develop this area of our business.

We invest, together with local authorities and public utilities, in a variety of Opens internal link in current windowrenewable technology projects. We offer our local authority partners a number of different forms of cooperation that range from individual Opens internal link in current windowparticipation schemes to investment partnerships and public participation. As partners, we contribute to actively shaping the transition to a sustainable energy mix in the local community.

We further support public utility companies with our electricity and heat contracting solutions based on renewable energy generation plants. We plan, develop, construct and operate biomass and biogas facilities, onshore wind turbines, geothermal and mine gas plants. Our subsidiary, Opens external link in new windowSTEAG New Energies GmbH, is the acknowledged expert in this field and delivers efficient and sustainable concepts for local Opens external link in new windowenergy solutions.

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