All services from a single source

Power plants must operate safely and efficiently. This demands high standards of engineering, management and environmental protection. 

We have a diverse portfolio of services to support companies at every stage of the power generation process. We are the partner of choice for industry, public utilities and plant operators in Germany, and our energy services are generating increasing interest abroad too. We are already involved in 60 countries across the globe. 

The various energy services we offer are provided by our subsidiary companies.  STEAG Energy Services GmbH, for instance, is responsible for providing the  engineering and support services required during all phases of our power plant and industrial plant projects. It also acts as a recruitment agency through its subsidiary,  OPUS Personaldienstleistungen (Personnel Services).

 STEAG New Energies GmbH rents out  mobile power plants and simultaneously manages the  energy contracting.

Power plant by-products are utilised by  STEAG Power Minerals GmbH. It supplies industrial companies with building materials produced by coal-fired power plants.

We also provide services essential for the construction and operation of electrical grids and power plants.

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