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  • Producing energy from waste.

    Waste to energy plants are not merely incinerators: there, the waste is recycled as energy in the form of electricity and heat. The consumption of primary resources is consequently reduced. A worldwide growth market which we are strategically expanding.

    STEAG is a specialist in the generation of electricity and heat with a wide range of fuels and technologies. In future, we will increasingly use the know-how we have gained from operation and optimization of power plants and in the disposal of power plant residues in the field of waste incineration. As the operator of its own plants, our subsidiary STEAG Waste to Energy is adding to the share of renewables-based power and heat generation in our portfolio. As a service provider, STEAG Waste to Energy also makes our extensive know-how available to external customers.

    Germany ranks among the pioneers of waste recycling in Europe, while in other countries a large proportion of the waste still often ends up in landfills. The topic of “waste to energy” is only now coming onto the agenda in many countries. Consequently, there is enormous potential for services focusing on waste to energy plants outside Germany, too.

    Our plant

    Industrial Power Plant

    IKW Rüdersdorf

    The IKW Rüdersdorf waste to energy plant generates electricity from thermal treatment of waste.


    Waste to Energy Plant


    The Lauta waste to energy plant secures commercially viable and ecologically sensible disposal of domestic waste and similar commercial waste in the long term for over 1 million people in the area.


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