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  • Manage complexity, guarantee operation

    STEAG has been in the power and heat generation business for some 80 years. Our experience and know-how, gained from providing technical support for our own complex plants, benefit customers from the energy sector, municipalities and industry.

    Lawmakers regulate the careful servicing and regular maintenance of power plants for good reason: not only does this ensure that systems and components are ready for operation – maintenance also protects humans and the environment.

    If the purpose is to ensure safe, cost-effective operation, our subsidiary STEAG Technischer Service is the right source to contact. Customers profit there from the know-how that STEAG has gained over decades by attending to, maintaining and optimizing its own plants.

    In the field of plant Services, STEAG Technischer Service handles the complete planning and implementation of all the technical services required for reliable plant operation: maintenance, inspection, repair and optimization. This is complemented by services for electrical systems and grids, ranging from planning to construction and maintenance.

    Examples of the services of STEAG Technischer Service

    Maintenance and servicing of energy installations and industrial facilities

    Complete planning and implementation of all technical maintenance services required for plant operation: this is the work of the experts from STEAG Technischer Service.


    Services for wind turbines

    STEAG Technischer Service offers one-stop comprehensive services for wind turbines.


    Experts for cladding welding

    Membrane walls and platen heating surfaces especially in waste incineration and biomass plants are subject to increased wear from aggressive flue gases. This is where the cladding experts from STEAG Technischer Service come in.


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