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  • Gas released during coal mining

    We have been collecting and using mine gas for over 100 years.

    In Germany, we have become the market leader for power generation from mine gas. We primarily operate in this field in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Saarland and Poland. In the Saarland we have our own 110-kilometer-long mine gas network, which connects extraction points directly to our own heating plants, but also to industrial customers. On request, we also plan, finance, construct and operate plants for the use of mine gas as a source of energy.

    The mine gas used is a gas that occurs in hard coal mines and consists of methane and carbon dioxide. It is inevitably released during the mining of hard coal, and is therefore extracted as far as possible before the coal is mined. In our gas turbines, gas engines and boiler systems, the mine gas is burned and converted into heat and electricity.

    We are responsible for the entire process of power generation from mine gas, from preparation to generation and supply.

    Fuel preparation

    Mine gas is released during coal mining and also long after a coal mine has been shut down.

    The mine gas, which contains combustible methane, is extracted to the surface. It is then compressed and dried.

    Power generation

    In a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, the mine gas is burned in gas engines (unit-type CHP plants) or gas turbines. The kinetic energy is converted into electricity by a generator.

    Exhaust gases and waste heat from the CHP plant generate steam and hot water via heat exchangers.

    Power supply

    We feed the electricity generated into the public grid.

    We supply hot water to private and public buildings as local or district heating for space heating purposes or for hot water preparation, and we supply process steam to industry.

    We feed mine gas into a gas network to supply industrial customers (e.g. the steel industry).