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  • Heat that comes from the ground

    We are one of the market leaders in Germany in the construction of district heating systems using geothermal energy.

    Especially in Upper Bavaria, we are engaged in geothermal projects. For example, we operate the geothermal heat and power plant for the city of Unterschleissheim. We utilize a particular form of deep geothermal energy, hydrothermal energy. The hot thermal water is used to generate electricity in our geothermal power plants.

    We are responsible for the entire geothermal energy production process, from preparation to generation and supply.

    In geothermal applications, we make use of the thermal energy stored beneath the earth’s solid surface. Geothermal heat is an energy source with enormous potential.

    Our portfolio also includes the planning, implementation and operation of geothermal plants.

    Geothermal energy use

    Hydrothermal geothermal energy is a form of deep geothermal energy (geothermal heat at depths between 400 and 6,000 meters).

    Hot thermal water is tapped with a production well and, after using the thermal energy, injected back into the ground (reinjection well).

    From a temperature of around 90 °C, it is possible to generate electricity economically.

    Power generation

    In a geothermal heating plant, the energy in the hot thermal water is transferred to the feed pipe of the district heating system in heat exchangers or additionally in heat pumps.

    The water cooled in use by the district heating customer flows via a return pipe back to the heat pump and heat exchangers, where the cycle begins again.

    Power supply

    We supply hot water to private and public buildings as local or district heating for space heating purposes or for water heating.