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  • Committed to a sustainable future.

    STEAG intends to play an active role in shaping the energy transition. That is why we have been involved in energy from renewable sources worldwide for many years now.

    The share of renewables in our energy mix is continuously increasing. Year by year, we make major investments in energy from renewable sources and distributed generation facilities both at home and abroad.

    We are leaders in the generation of electricity and heat from mine gas and biomass, and in district heating systems which use geothermal energy.

    On the basis of our experience with our own projects, we are in demand worldwide as a partner in the planning, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities to produce energy from renewables.

    Our subsidiary STEAG New Energies specializes in renewables and distributed generation facilities.


    Wind energy

    Generating energy from wind power is an important and growing part of our energy business. We are working to advance the international development of onshore wind generating facilities and are investing in wind farms, most notably in France, Poland, Romania and Turkey.


    We use municipal organic waste, energy crops and animal manure to produce biogas, which is used to generate electricity and heat.


    We are one of the largest providers of energy generation from biomass in Germany. We supply that energy to the national grid, to regional district heating networks and to industrial enterprises.

    Geothermal energy

    Geothermal energy is a source with enormous potential. In Germany, we are one of the market leaders in the construction of district heating supply systems on a geothermal basis.

    Mine gas

    We have been extracting and using the mine gas which arises in coal mines for decades now. In Germany, we have become the market leader in energy generation from mine gas.


    Photovoltaics are perfectly suited for the sustainable production of green electricity. For many years, we have been designing, building and supporting photovoltaic systems of all sizes - from the PV free-field system to rooftop systems for industrial customers.