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  • Using residues from coal-fired power plants as resources

    We use the residues created during combustion of hard coal to produce valuable construction materials for industry. That saves resources and relieves the strain on the environment.

    When hard coal is burned, by-products like fly ash, slag tap granulate, bottom ash and FGD gypsum remain. They are in demand as valuable construction materials in the cement and concrete industry, in the plaster industry, in civil engineering and road building, and in landscape gardening, to name but a few.

    The advantage is that no additional natural resources have to be extracted for their manufacture. The properties of power plant by-products make them a high-quality substitute for natural products. As the power plant by-products are mostly used in the construction industry without any further treatment, the energy which would otherwise be required for the manufacture and processing of construction materials is also saved.

    Our subsidiary STEAG Power Minerals recycles and markets residues from STEAG’s own power plants and plants owned by third parties. In Europe, we are the market leader and a leader in expertise, and outside Europe demand for our high-quality power plant by-products is also increasing.

    Example products from STEAG Power Minerals

    Fly ash and power plant by-products

    Versatile in use, environmentally friendly, economical and especially valuable for the construction materials industry: our hard coal fly ash steament® combines numerous advantages for our customers in a single product.


    Blasting abrasives

    With decades of know-how on the market for blasting abrasives, optimum access to high quality raw materials and Europe’s most modern production facility, STEAG Power Minerals markets abrasives of the highest quality for a broad range of applications.


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