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  • Making a major contribution to security of supply

    Large-scale battery systems and battery storage facilities are set to become ever more important to secure electricity supply. They help to integrate fluctuating renewable energy sources into the energy mix and thereby improve the reliability of supply. A pioneer in this field, STEAG is breaking new ground by deploying six large-scale battery systems.

    With our six large-scale battery systems installed in 2016, we make an important contribution to the successful implementation of the transition to sustainable energy. The systems are deployed to even out frequency fluctuations in the power grid which are caused by the increasing volatile supply from renewable sources and by fluctuations in consumption. Within seconds, the large-scale battery systems can take up energy from the grid or feed it into the grid. This so-called “primary reserve power” contributes to keeping the power system stable and to safeguarding the security of supply. Our Trading & Optimization unit is responsible for marketing the primary reserve power.

    Our services in the field of battery storage systems cover the entire value chain, ranging from planning and construction to commissioning and marketing: STEAG‘s Trading & Optimization (T&O) unit is responsible for the development of the new asset category large-scale battery storage systems. STEAG Energy Services looks after engineering, technical planning and implementation, and STEAG Technischer Service provides expertise and experience in the maintenance and servicing of the energy storage facilities.

    For the future, we see further potential for profitable deployment of large-scale battery systems and battery storage facilities, both for the delivery of system services for grid stability and for cost optimization and risk management at industrial plants. Currently, our Trading & Optimization team is looking into further projects in Germany and abroad and into opportunities for cooperation with trade partners and customers.