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  • We translate technology into tradable, marketable products

    The trading unit of STEAG, 'Trading & Optimization', deploys the technical assets of STEAG across the entire value chain, both in Germany and abroad. Turkey, in particular, is the focus of future growth.

    Our portfolio comprises conventional plants and renewables facilities along with battery storage systems. We translate complex technical assets into products and strategies. This maximizes the value of these assets on the power and reserve power markets – around the clock, seven days a week. We put this strong base to work also for our trade partners and customers: on an equal footing with them we offer customized solutions.

    We can avail ourselves of broadly based know-how in the marketing of energy and capacity and know how to connect technology with the power industry and the financial world. Our focused products and services portfolio in the area of asset-based energy trading ranges from raw material procurement to asset management to individual trading of electricity, coal, gas, currencies and emission rights.

    Along with the selective expansion of our services portfolio we are intensifying the further development of national and international trading activities. In addition, we are responsible for the development of assets opportunities in the STEAG Group. The strong, integrated Group network enables us to offer comprehensive solutions: for example, the STEAG large-scale battery systems. They provide primary reserve power to compensate frequency fluctuations in the power grid and are integrated in the 'STEAG OneOpt' optimization network.

    In 'STEAG OneOpt' we operate a virtual power plant that interlinks our systems with external systems and markets them. Pooling and central control permit the optimum adjustment of plant management and energy marketing to the requirements of the energy markets, whenever needed.

    You are welcome to contact us and become our equal partner.