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    German minded engineering for more than 100,000 MW of installed capacity in a whole variety of technologies, a current total of over 11,000 MW of operation management for third parties worldwide, and more than 2,000 IT systems delivered for plant design and performance optimization. STEAG Energy Services GmbH is one of the world’s leading service provider for power assets.

    The triad of operational expertise, highly-qualified engineering and innovative software solutions makes our subsidiary STEAG Energy Services unique. Our scope reflects the complexity of energy generation facilities of all kinds, including services in development and design, construction, operation and optimization, both for new builds as well as for efficiency improvement and modernization of existing plants.

    We are among the benchmarks in the industry, thanks to the expertise we have additionally gained over 40 years in providing third parties with energy services. Our customers trust in the project experience of some 2,500 employees from 30 nations, with projects in 80 countries, and in our trademark – we are known the world over as design engineers with operating experience, and for our roots in German engineering.

    Selected References - Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

    Coal-Fired Power Plant Morupule B, Botswana

    O&M management and detailed gap analysis

    Thermal Solar Power Plant, Spain

    O&M for solar power plant in Spain

    Thermal Power Plant TKCSA, Brazil

    O&M for thermal power plant TKCSA

    Selected References - Engineering

    Complete Demolition of Cologne-Niehl I, Germany

    Complete dismantling of Cologne-Niehl I

    PV Roof Systems for Locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    PV roof systems for a grocery retailer

    Windfarm “Crucea North”, Romania

    Owner’s Engineer - “Crucea North” as part of the large “Stupina” windfarm complex

    Selected References - IT solutions

    Combined Cycle Power Plant North Bangkok 2, Thailand

    Process quality optimization with the IT solutions SR::EPOS, SR::SPC and SR::EAGLE

    Power Plant Sites in India

    Plant Performance Optimization - Implementation of PADO in India: orders for 113 units received

    CHP Plant Dormagen, Germany

    Process optimization with the IT solutions SR::EPOS, SR::Validate and EBSILON

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