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  • E-mobility. Fully charged on the road to a low emissions future.

    We are convinced that electric motors are indispensable for mobility in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

    We see ourselves as a service provider for the planning, implementation and technical management of the necessary charging infrastructure in Germany and in selected international markets. As an electricity producer and electricity trader, we make a significant contribution to the transformation of mobility by covering additional electricity demand and by specific trading products. 

    Benefit from a comprehensive range of services

    As an experienced and reliable partner, we support you in the implementation of your individual solution and are the ideal contact partner from the design phase to the commissioning of your finished solution. 

    Our solution for your sector
    Local authorities
    Hotels and car park operators
    Housing and real estate

    The fleet solution for your business

    We offer you the complete package to charge your company cars.

    Drivers of a fully electric or hybrid company car need a wide variety of charging solutions. We offer convenient complete solutions for charging at the employer's premises, at home or on the road. 

    Charging during working hours

    As an employer, you provide charging infrastructure that complies with the calibration regulations on the company premises. Company car users can then use the charging infrastructure with the aid of their RFID cards (employee cards) or an app. 

    Charging at home

    Charging at home is an important part of electric driving. We offer simple solutions for charging at rental properties or at your own home. 

    On the road thanks to an extensive charging network

    Particularly on long business trips, there is a need to use public charging infrastructure. We enable you to use it by means of the RFID card or by app access for legitimation in the extensive charging Network.