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  • Natural solution to efficient heat supply.

    As a regional energy company, we supply private households, major customers and real estate companies with environmentally friendly district heating, most of which is supplied by combined heat and power plants.

    Our subsidiary STEAG Fernwärme is the largest district heating company in North Rhine-Westphalia, supplying environmentally friendly heat from CHP plants to over 300,000 households in the Ruhr area. In the Saarland, STEAG New Energies and its partners operate a large regional district heating network, the Saar district heating trunking line. In addition, one of our subsidiaries supplies customers in the large district heating market of Poland.

    Local authorities with their office buildings, schools and swimming baths are among our customers, as are hospitals and churches, housing associations and private home owners. With our efficient, environmentally friendly and safe district heating system, we make a valuable contribution to implementing the energy transition in the local community.

    An important source of thermal energy for district heating is the waste heat from industrial processes, thermal power plants and waste incineration. We produce over 90 percent of our district heating energy by the environmentally friendly and resource-conserving method of combined heat and power generation.

    Our services also include the construction and operation of district heating supply systems. Together with local authority partners, we have founded the trunking line company Fernwärmeschiene Rhein-Ruhr (FWSRR) GmbH. Together, we are planning and building Europe’s largest interconnected district heating network in North Rhine-Westphalia, and on completion we will also operate the system.

    District heating in North Rhine-Westphalia