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  • STEAG has cut its CO2 emissions by half in just one year:
    18,2 Mio. t

    Anyone talking about phasing out coal should be more specific.

    87 Mio. t
    SCO2 emissions from hard coal as compared to 2016

    Advantages of modern hard coal fired power plants

    • Power plants can adapt flexibly to fluctuating electricity demand
    • Modern hard coal-fired power plants are economically efficient even at low load levels
    • High efficiency in combined heat and power generation (co-generation of district heating)
    153 Mio. t
    CO2emissions from lignite as compared to 2016

    Disadvantages of lignite fired power plants

    • 30 percent more CO2 emissions than hard coal
    • Poorer heating value than hard coal
    • Old plants have a low energy efficiency
    • Open-cast mining causes serious damage to the environment

    Figures for 2016 are estimates by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).
    Figures for 2017 are preliminary data based on calculations by Agora Energiewende