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  • Hard coal fired power plants: more flexible, more efficient and 30 % less CO2 emissions than lignite fired plants
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    Coal still has an important role to play as part of a reliable and cost-effective energy mix.

    We operate nine coal-fired power plants along the Rhine and Ruhr rivers and in the Saarland, and another three abroad. We also have a refinery power plant in Germany. By continually optimizing our plants, we are able to extract energy from coal more economically and flexibly than ever before.

    Some of our plants produce thermal energy in addition to electricity using the combined heat and power generation principle. This method makes especially efficient use of valuable coal resources.

    In addition, we plan, finance and construct hard coal fired power plants and also provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services for plants on behalf of third parties.

    Coal is a fossil fuel. The black, hard sedimentary rock is formed from the remains of prehistoric plants that have become chemically altered and enriched with carbon dioxide over millions of years in the absence of air.

    Power Plants in Germany

    Duisburg-Walsum Power Plant

    The combined heat and power plant in the western Ruhr area generates electricity, heat and process steam.


    Herne Combined Heat and Power Plant

    The Herne combined heat and power plant uses hard coal to generate not only electricity, but also district heating.


    Bergkamen Power Plant

    STEAG operates the hard coal fired power plant in Bergkamen in the eastern Ruhr area.


    Völklingen-Fenne Power Plant

    There are several plants at the Fenne site, which is located between Saarlouis and Saarbrücken.


    Weiher Power Plant

    The Weiher hard coal fired power plant is located in Quierschied, to the north of Saarbrücken.


    Bexbach Power Plant

    The hard coal fired power plant in Bexbach is currently the largest unit-type power plant in the Saar region.



    Leuna Refinery Power Plant

    The Leuna refinery power plant supplies the local refinery with electricity, process steam and compressed air.


    Power plants abroad

    Iskenderun Power Plant, Turkey

    Not only is STEAG's hard coal fired power plant in Iskenderun (Turkey) the biggest investment project in the history of STEAG, it is also one of the biggest foreign investments in Turkey to date.


    Termopaipa Power Plant, Colombia

    The Termopaipa hard coal fired power plant located near the town of Paipa (Colombia) was the first power plant abroad planned, financed and built by STEAG.


    Mindanao Power Plant, Philippines

    STEAG's third foreign power plant is located in the north of the Philippine island of Mindanao and supplies the 22 million inhabitants of the second largest island in the Philippines with electricity.


    Decommissioned power plants

    Voerde Power Plant

    STEAG operated two power plants at the Voerde site on the Lower Rhine: Voerde and West, each with two units. Both power plants have been shut down since March 2017.


    Lünen Power Plant

    At the Lünen site, STEAG GmbH operated a two-unit hard coal fired power plant. On 31.12.2018 the power plant was finally taken off the grid.