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    81. Internet Privacy Statement  
    Privacy Statement We attach great importance to protecting personal data. Therefore, STEAG GmbH processes your data in accordance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the other applicable statutory provisions on the protection of personal data and data  
    82. Key Facts and Figures 2020  
    At a glance Here you will find the key figures of STEAG GmbH for fiscal 2020 at a glance. Founded, headquarters 1937 Essen Core competencies Comprehensive technical expertise and innovative solutions for virtually all issues relating to energy generation and energy  
    83. Herne Energy Site  
    STEAG does what it says It is a new landmark. On the more than 110-metre tall boiler house of the Herne power plant, from a great distance the around 100,000 daily commuters on the A42 and A43 motorways can clearly read a statement: "STEAG. We ensure safe energy. Now and in the  
    84. Using waste heat and improving the carbon footprint  
    STEAG and KRAFTBLOCK aiming in joint projects for market leadership in industrial waste heat utilization Sulzbach/Saarbrücken/Essen. The Saarland-based startup KRAFTBLOCK and STEAG New Energies GmbH, a subsidiary of the energy company STEAG with headquarters in Essen, are planning to embark upon  
    85. STEAG acquires specialist for high quality ventilation system solutions  
    With the long-established Krantz brand, STEAG is strengthening its nuclear engineering division and expanding its international market presence Essen. STEAG Energy Services (SES), a company of the STEAG Group, is taking over the Krantz division from Caverion Deutschland GmbH with effect from  
    86. STEAG continues to grow on the renewable energy market  
    Group subsidiary SENS to develop major photovoltaic project in Sicily STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (SENS), the most recent subsidiary of the Essen-based STEAG Group, is growing steadily in the field of renewable energy. Last Tuesday, André Kremer, Managing Director of SENS, and Matej Lednicky,  
    87. STEAG takes over second waste to energy facility from Vattenfall  
    Contractual closing for IKW Rüdersdorf completed // Employees will be taken over Essen. With the contractual closing in Berlin today, STEAG has taken over all the shares in Industriekraftwerk Rüdersdorf (IKW Rüdersdorf), located to the south-east of Berlin, from power supplier Vattenfall with  
    88. Rescuers practice on wind turbine  
    Gladbeck Fire Department conducts exercise for emergencies at Mottbruchhalde pit heap on July 7 Gladbeck/Essen. On Thursday, July 7, the wind turbine on Gladbeck’s Mottbruchhalde pit heap, which is visible from far away, will serve as a backdrop for a rescue exercise by the local fire department:  
    89. Forestry work due to tree damage  
    Upcoming felling of diseased trees at Troisdorf landfill site / Replanting to follow immediately Troisdorf/Gladbeck. Diseased trees that are no longer safe due to damage caused by storms or high temperatures or on account of pest infestation are to be felled at the Troisdorf landfill site in the  
    90. Vaccination campaign at power plant construction site  
    STEAG and the City of Herne organize COVID vaccination for site personnel Herne/Essen. On Friday, August 27th, Herne City Council and STEAG made an offer of vaccination to the employees at the site of the new combined cycle power plant at Hertener Strasse. More than 60 staff members made use of  
    91. STEAG Energy Services planning power plant modernization in Montenegro  
    State of the art flue gas cleaning Essen. The lignite-fired power plant Pljevlja, located some five kilometers to the southwest of the town of the same name near the Serbian border, is to be extensively modernized. The major refit will contribute significantly to improving air quality in  
    92. Electricity made from salt  
    According to a joint monitoring report by the German Federal Cartel Office and Federal Grid Agency, in October of this year the installed capacity of the solar, wind and other ecopower plants currently constructed in Germany was greater than that of the installed capacity of conventional power  
    93. STEAG Fernwärme supports habitat for penguins  
    STEAG Fernwärme supports habitat for penguins The African penguin, scientifically named ‘spheniscus demersus’, is the only wild penguin species in Africa. The birds, which are notable for spectacle-shaped spots on the skin around their eyes, inhabit the coasts of South Africa, Namibia and  
    94. Air filters for Peacevillage International  
    STEAG subsidiary Krantz provides four units for coronavirus prevention Oberhausen/Aachen/Essen. Peacevillage International, a globally recognized non-profit organization that has been helping injured and sick children from war and crisis zones all over the world for decades, has received four  
    95. Steffen Wirgs  
    What thoughts go through Steffen Wirgs’ mind while he’s waiting for that liberating starting signal? None whatsoever. “The focus is entirely on the race”, he says. “You need to have as little as possible on your mind. If your mind’s not free, it’s all over.” What the 22-year-old competitive  
    96. Hasan Karaduman  
    Become a part of the STEAG family More about the Herne combined cycle power plant When and how did you come to join STEAG?  I joined STEAG as early as 2009. I started as a mechanical engineer at the Lünen power plant. What does a typical working day look like for you?  Until 10  
    97. Electricity from a container  
    In New Delhi, STEAG presents NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Pinkwart resource-conserving power generation for the Indian market Essen/New Delhi. More than 1.3 billion people and strong economic growth add up to tremendous demand for goods, services and raw materials in India. Infrastructure  
    98. Games, fun and excitement  
    “Holidays are great. Unless you’re bored” – a captivating piece of logic that only the mouths of children can express in this clarity. However, boredom is unlikely if the children’s parents are employed by STEAG. After all, the energy company is aware that the children play a role in its  
    99. Thyssengas natural gas transport pipeline between Datteln and Herne reaches new STEAG power plant  
    Commissioning of the new combined cycle power plant will begin in summer 2021. A key prerequisite for this: connection to the natural gas transmission grid. This is why Thyssengas has been building a new natural gas transport pipeline between Datteln and Herne since the beginning of 2020. A few  
    100. Living Labs for the Energy Transition: Partner network tests new battery technology  
    Led by High Performance Battery Technology and STEAG, eight partners are taking part in the ideas competition staged by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWi) Essen. In the context of the energy transition, the German government has set itself the aim of rapidly expanding generation  
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