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  • STEAG trainees perform well

    13 trainees fast-track their apprenticeships and qualify with “B” and “A” grades

    Herne/Essen. On account of their good performance during their apprenticeships, 13 technical trainees at STEAG were given the opportunity to shorten their courses by six months. All the trainees took up the opportunity with great success, and have now prematurely completed their apprenticeships – eleven with a grade “B” and two even achieving a grade “A” qualification. The instructors at the STEAG training workshop in Herne are suitably proud of their protégés.

    “The guys have shortened their training courses from three and a half to three years and have all passed their exams with great grades. As instructors, we are delighted with these results and congratulate our young colleagues very, very warmly,” says STEAG training manager Torsten Koch.

    The seven electronics technicians and six industrial mechanics who have now successfully completed their apprenticeships had originally started their training at the STEAG sites in Lünen and Duisburg-Walsum, before STEAG concentrated all its industrial courses in the new training center on Forellstrasse in Herne last year.

    Training at STEAG opens up future opportunities
    All the successful trainees will now continue to work at STEAG for at least six months before deciding what to do next. During that time, they will work, for example, for district heating supplier STEAG Fernwärme or at the Trianel power plant in Lünen, for which STEAG provides operation and maintenance services.

    What happens after those six months also depends on the personal plans of the newly qualified electronics technicians and industrial mechanics. Some of them will be taken on by STEAG, and others are planning to go on to university after completing their training: “An apprenticeship at STEAG is always worthwhile, because it literally opens up opportunities for the future – whether within the Group, as a basis for subsequent technical/engineering studies or as a good foundation for a successful start to working life with another employer,” as Dr. Andreas Reichel, Industrial Relations Director at STEAG, expresses his confidence in the quality of training in the company.

    The new STEAG training workshop in Herne
    The new STEAG training workshop in Herne, which was opened last year, is designed for up to 64 trainees in four-year apprenticeships. At present, excluding the 13 successful trainees, there are still 21 apprentices on site. “The difference between this and full capacity results from STEAG’s decision to train people in response to demand, in order to continue employing the young people at STEAG after their training if possible,” Torsten Koch explains. At the start of the new training year on September 1, six new apprentices will join the company.

    “The conditions here on site are really ideal and meet the most up to date requirements for industrial and technical training," says Drago Novak, one of the instructors. In view of the good final results now achieved by the STEAG apprentices, the investment in the new training workshop is obviously already paying off.


    Caption: "Rejoicing together over the good results of the final exams (from left to right): Kevin Lasak, Hajo Caspers (BR at the Herne site), Erik Tiemannm, Onur Mert, Dr. Andreas Reichel, Nicklas Hausmann, Jan Papez, Amel Sefer, Marcel Dombrowski, David Janßen, Marvin Bachertz, Phillip Leon Gerding, Christoph Dzaeck and Christoph Pietruszka."