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  • STEAG Energy Services planning power plant modernization in Montenegro

    State of the art flue gas cleaning

    Essen. The lignite-fired power plant Pljevlja, located some five kilometers to the southwest of the town of the same name near the Serbian border, is to be extensively modernized. The major refit will contribute significantly to improving air quality in Montenegro’s industrial center. The environmental project will be planned by STEAG Energy Services (SES). In an international tender, the know-how from Germany has prevailed.

    One focus of the project is flue gas treatment, and especially the reduction of substances containing sulfur and of nitrogen oxides. New DeSOx and DeNOx systems will be installed for this purpose. In addition, the existing electrostatic precipitators and the wastewater system are to be optimized and the cooling tower is to be refurbished. Among other things, asbestos has to be removed from the cooling tower. Thorough modernization also includes a number of noise abatement measures. At the same time, the power plant is to be redesigned to co-generate heat for district heating.

    The contract, worth around EUR 670,000, also includes an environmental impact study, the preparation of tender documents and the clarification of bidders’ questions.

    The contract was signed yesterday in Montenegro. Besides representatives of the two companies involved, the Montenegrin Minister of the Economy, Dragica Sekulić, Minister of Finance Darko Radunović and Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović, were also present.

    The modernization of the power plant is one of the most important energy policy projects in Montenegro. This was emphasized by Igor Noveljić, CEO of EPCG, at the signing of the contract: “In the form of STEAG Energy Services, we have commissioned a prestigious company to plan the conversion of the power plant in such a manner that it will be carried out in accordance with the latest technical standards. This will ensure stable and safe operation in the decades to come.” “I am pleased that we can make a contribution to climate protection with our expertise here in Montenegro,” emphasized SES Managing Director Ulrich Sigel at the signing of the contract.