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    STEAG opens training workshop in Herne

    New facility with an area of 900 square meters provides optimum learning conditions for trainees in commercial and technical professions

    Herne. Herne’s Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda and Dr. Andreas Reichel, Human Resources Director and member of the Board of Management of STEAG GmbH, have together officially opened the new training workshop of the Essen-based energy company at Forellstrasse after a construction period of eight months.

    The 900 square meters of space at the new training workshop contain everything that is needed for successful and demanding training in technical professions – common rooms and conference rooms, changing rooms, showers and sanitary facilities are all located in the new building. The actual training workshop, including the offices for the instructors, was built in an existing vehicle garage. There, 36 workbenches, drill presses, lathes and milling machines are now lined up. The technical highlight of the new workshop is a modern training environment for programmable logic controllers.

    The trainees of today are the skilled workers of tomorrow
    “I am very pleased that the training workshop here in our town creates a place where young people from Herne and the surrounding area have the opportunity to shape their own professional future. Offering good prospects to young people starting their careers is the aim of the Alliance for Jobs in Herne,” emphasizes Mayor Frank Dudda.

    “The young people we are training now are our skilled workers and colleagues of tomorrow. For many areas, for example electrical engineering and servicing, we need specially trained skilled personnel that we can hardly find on the job market. STEAG therefore attaches especially great importance to the quality of its own in-house training and is thus systematically investing in the future of the company,” says Dr. Andreas Reichel.

    Herne is now a central training location
    In the new training workshop, up to 64 trainees are supervised simultaneously during the four years of their professional education. Torsten Koch, head of training at the STEAG subsidiary STEAG Technischer Service GmbH, explains: “With the new training workshop, Herne will become our central training location for the industrial and technical professions. So far, the trainees have been learning their professions in the training facilities at the STEAG sites in Duisburg-Walsum and Lünen.

    The decision to build a new training workshop in Herne also takes account of the fact that STEAG will in future need fewer skilled technical personnel for large power plants but more and more in the area of technical services and plant operation. STEAG Technischer Service GmbH, which provides servicing and maintenance to its customers from the energy sector, local authorities and industry, will therefore take on the commercial and technical training within the STEAG Group.

    Training at STEAG – dates, facts and figures
    STEAG is currently training young people as electronics technicians for industrial engineering and industrial mechanics. A total of 87 commercial and technical trainees are currently employed by the Essen-based energy company. The job advertisements for the new apprenticeships in the 2021 training year will soon be published on STEAG’s website.

    “We cordially invite motivated school graduates with an affinity for technology to apply for a job with us,” says Torsten Koch, encouraging interested pupils.

    Caption 1: (from left to right) Phillip Leon Gerding, 3rd year electronics engineer, Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda, Dr. Andreas Reichel, Labor Director and Managing Director of STEAG GmbH and Christoph Pietruszka, 3rd year industrial mechanic, today opened the new STEAG training workshop in Herne.

    Caption 2: Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda (left) and Dr. Andreas Reichel, Labor Director and Managing Director of STEAG GmbH, inform themselves about programmable logic controllers in the new training workshop with future electronics engineer Phillip Leon Gerding.