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  • STEAG plans efficient and tailor-made energy concept for coking plant site in Bottrop

    Cogeneration ensures high efficiency

    Essen. Together with the steel producer ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH, the Essen-based energy company STEAG GmbH is developing a tailor-made and resource-saving energy concept for the coking plant location in Bottrop. The heart of the generation system for electricity, heat and steam is a modern joint venture power plant to be built on the site of the RAG Central Workshop at the former Prosper Haniel colliery. The highly efficient plant is designed to recycle the gases created during production at the Prosper Coking Plant in a climate-friendly way. Commissioning of the joint venture power plant is scheduled for mid-2023.

    The modern plant will function on the principle of combined heat and power generation and produce electricity, heat and steam. This trio results in high overall fuel efficiency, making the process especially climate-friendly. The electricity generated with a capacity of around 110 megawatts (MW) is fed into the public grid and covers the annual electricity requirements of more than 200,000 households. The district heating generated simultaneously with a capacity of up to 60 MW is fed into the district heating distribution network in Bottrop and can supply around 3,000 households with heating energy and hot water. In addition, process steam required for the coking process is supplied by the power plant. The modern plant therefore replaces the operation of the old steam generators at the site. With these component systems, the planned power plant will make an important contribution to the energy transition in Germany.

    Due to the continuous production of coke oven gas, the planned joint venture power plant is to be designed as a base load power plant. The new building will be integrated into the existing industrial landscape and will only be fully visible from the raised skiing hall at the Bottrop Alpine Center, while otherwise concealed by an existing rampart with trees. Approval for the power plant is to be applied for in accordance with the applicable regulations for power plants under the terms of the German Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG). The approval procedure under pollution control law by the District Government of Münster requires public participation, and an environmental impact assessment is also carried out.

    The project company "Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Bottrop GmbH" based in Bottrop is currently being founded by STEAG for further project development, and is expected to be completely established by June 2019. By the end of 2019, ArcelorMittal Bremen will acquire a 50 percent stake in this project company. The necessary antitrust investigation has already been initiated by the responsible authorities.