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  • Cable laying at the new power station in Herne

    Crossing of Hertener Straße causes step-by-step two-way lane closures

    Herne. The construction of the new and highly efficient gas and steam turbine power plant in Herne is progressing rapidly. Now three 400 kilovolt (kV) underground cables are to be laid. This will involve crossing under Hertener Straße. For the duration of this civil engineering measure, both lanes of the road will be temporarily closed to traffic one after the other. A traffic light will regulate the traffic flow for about three weeks from Monday, 22 March. This is for the safety of road users and construction site personnel.

    In addition, signs in the wider vicinity of the construction site will draw attention to the traffic disruption and provide information on diversion routes that will enable a wide-ranging bypass. The fact that a large part of the construction work falls during the Easter holidays was a conscious decision, as experience shows that there is less traffic during these weeks and therefore less impact on traffic.

    Construction site traffic lights ensure safety
    The installation of the traffic lights not only helps to shorten the construction work by one week, it also ensures more safety for all road users as well as for the personnel working on the construction site.