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  • Krantz technology in demand nationally and internationally

    Aachen-based ventilation and exhaust air specialist records several new major orders

    Kuwait City/Berlin/Aachen. The air distribution and clean air solutions specialist Krantz is supplying modern air distribution technology to several new buildings in Berlin and the Kuwait International Airport on the Persian Gulf.

    With their expertise and high-performance products, the experts at Krantz's “Air & Climate Solutions” division are ensuring that passengers at Kuwait International Airport will find each terminal at just the right temperature, starting from 2022. "To this end, no fewer than 6,200 air outlets will be installed in the building complex," says Martin Dziambor, Head of Air & Climate Solutions at Krantz, explaining the dimensions of the project. It was a particular challenge to familiarize customers, who were 6,000 kilometers from Aachen, with the advantages and technical details of Krantz products via video conference. "It all worked out well in the end, however, and so the air outlets manufactured in Aachen will start their long journey to their final destination on the Arabian Peninsula in several lots by the end of 2021.”

    Krantz technology for renowned new building projects in Berlin
    Krantz products and knowhow are also in great demand in the national capital, Berlin. After Krantz recently supplied schools in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district with several dozen “VIRUSPROTECT” air purifiers, sophisticated technology that’s “made in Aachen” will soon be ensuring optimal comfort in two major new building projects.

    "When the 'Edge East Side Tower,' a modern 140-meter-high office building with flexible floor plans throughout its 36 floors, is completed in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district in 2023, Krantz ceiling panels will be there to ensure an optimal indoor climate," says Sebastian Dechêne, who is responsible for Sales at Krantz. As the name indicates, “AVACS multifunction sails” are a state-of-the-art “Air Ventilation and Cooling System” that can do even more than what its handy abbreviation suggests. In addition to cooling and room ventilation, the multifunction sail also offers heating and sound absorption – making it ideal for modern, open, and energy-efficient office architecture.

    In another new office building in Berlin, the “STREAM” that’s currently being built by real estate developer Signa near the Mercedes-Benz Arena hosts not only the AVACS sails, but also additional ceiling sails called “KrantzCool.” These are characterized by an even higher cooling and heating capacity in comparison. “The combination of both models ensures optimal comfort on all 25 floors of the building,” says Anja Reinartz, Head of Air & Climate Solutions at Krantz.

    Satisfied Management
    For the company management, these three pieces of good news are both a source of satisfaction and a new incentive: “These successful deals clearly show how popular Krantz's products and technical solutions are, especially on the international market. We want to build on these successes,” says Krantz Managing Director Thomas Schmukal.