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  • Thyssengas natural gas transport pipeline between Datteln and Herne reaches new STEAG power plant

    Commissioning of the new combined cycle power plant will begin in summer 2021. A key prerequisite for this: connection to the natural gas transmission grid. This is why Thyssengas has been building a new natural gas transport pipeline between Datteln and Herne since the beginning of 2020. A few days ago, the Rhine-Herne Canal was crossed under. This means that an important section of the pipeline has reached the STEAG power plant construction site.

    Essen / Dortmund / Herne, 16.10.2020 - The new natural gas transport pipeline between Datteln and Herne has reached the STEAG power plant construction site in Herne. A few days ago, a culvert was used to undercross both the Emscher and the Rhine-Herne Canal - an important part of the overall project. This is the first time that Thyssengas' pipeline construction project and the power plant construction project have come together.

    If the work continues according to plan, Thyssengas will complete the pipeline construction in summer 2021 and will thus be able to secure the supply of natural gas to the combined cycle power plant currently under construction as planned. The ultramodern and environmentally friendly combined cycle gas turbine plant, which STEAG is building together with Siemens Energy, is scheduled to go into continuous commercial operation by the end of 2022. The new gas and steam turbine plant will replace the coal-fired power plant currently still in operation and will then supply large parts of the Ruhr area with electricity and climate-friendly district heating.

    "The pipeline construction project between Datteln and Herne is one of the biggest and most important new construction projects for Thyssengas in recent years. I am all the more pleased that the work is proceeding according to schedule so far," said Dr. Thomas Gößmann, Chairman of the Executive Board of Thyssengas. "By fulfilling our statutory mandate and ensuring that STEAG's new power plant is connected up on schedule, we are making a contribution to the energy turnaround in the Ruhr region".

    "The new construction of the Herne CCGT is an important and groundbreaking project for STEAG. In view of the decision to decarbonize the energy supply, we are securing the district heating supply in the Ruhr Area in particular in the long term with this investment. In Thyssengas, we have an experienced and reliable partner at our side," says Joachim Rumstadt, Chairman of the Board of Management of STEAG GmbH.

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