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  • STEAG Fernwärme to offer CO2 bonus

    New district heating customers in Essen, Bottrop and Gelsenkirchen can benefit

    Essen/Bottrop/Gelsenkirchen. STEAG Fernwärme, the largest district heating company in North Rhine-Westphalia, will in future be offering new customers in Essen, Bottrop and Gelsenkirchen a bonus for cutting CO2: Depending on what form of heating or hot water supply the new customers used previously, STEAG Fernwärme’s one-off CO2 bonus can amount to up to 1,500 euros.

    STEAG’s district heating is largely generated according to the principle of combined heat and power (CHP). This means that the energy input is used two-fold, in the form of electricity and as heat, making CHP generation environmentally compatible as it saves energy resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. At present, 178 grams (g) of CO2 are emitted for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of district heating supplied by STEAG. By comparison, this figure stands at 560 g for off-peak electricity heating, 310 g for oil heating and 240 g for natural gas heating.

    The new CO2 bonus means that as well as the climate benefiting from STEAG's resource-saving and environmentally compatible district heating in the future, district heating customers in the entire area served in Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Bottrop will also save money.

    Quantifiable contribution to reducing CO2
    “With every new service connection, we and our customers make a tangible and quantifiable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions,” Michael Straus, spokesman for the management of STEAG Fernwärme GmbH, points out. “We are particularly pleased that thanks to the cooperation with our partner, Stadtwerke Essen AG, even more people specifically in the locality of our company headquarters will have the opportunity to be connected to our environmentally friendly district heating network in the future.”

    Stadtwerke Essen likewise welcomes the development. “Sustainability, conservation of resources and the reduction of emissions were already important aspects of our corporate activities even before Essen was named European Green Capital 2017. Our joint company, STEAG Fernwärme Essen, is now also ensuring that with each new district heating connection, Essen’s carbon footprint is getting that little bit better,” Dr. Peter Schäfer, Chairman of the Executive Board of Stadtwerke Essen AG, emphasizes.

    Find out more
    Potential new customers in Essen, Bottrop and Gelsenkirchen can find out more about the new incentive on the STEAG Fernwärme website.