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  • Krantz introduces its anti-COVID air filter

    STEAG Group company develops antiviral indoor air purifier for schools, hospitals, authorities and the catering trade

    Aachen/Essen. Krantz GmbH, the Aachen-based subsidiary of the Essen energy company STEAG GmbH, is an experienced specialist in the field of air quality. The company has just developed a mobile indoor air filter that removes 99.995 per cent of all microorganisms from the air, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Thanks to its robust design, the device is particularly suitable for daily use in schools, medical practices, by authorities and also in the catering trade.

    “The heart of our product is the highly effective, antiviral coating of the filter system. The air is sucked into the system and then conducted over these surfaces in the filter. This removes coronavirus pathogens from the air, as well as seasonal flu viruses, bacteria, spores, allergens and germs,” Norbert Schröder, Managing Director of Krantz GmbH explains. “Viruses and any other microorganisms in the air are safely retained in the filter after being neutralized.”

    This makes the ‘Krantz VIRUSPROTECT’, as the model is called, highly effective in purifying the air. “With this method, the microorganisms are disposed of passively by the patented antiviral coating rather than actively by means of ultraviolet radiation or through the use of ozone or heat. This means that no harmful substances are released when the device is in operation. The ‘Krantz VIRUSPROTECT’ is therefore particularly suitable for use in hospitals, schools, care homes or the catering trade,” says Hans Felser, head of the Filter & Damper Systems division at Krantz and responsible for the technical development of the ‘Krantz VIRUSPROTECT’.

    Quiet, efficient and straightforward
    The passive way the device works also offers economic benefits, with only comparatively low energy costs of around 50 euros incurred per year and system. “The fact that the ‘Krantz VIRUSPROTECT’ works passively means that the air purifier is very quiet, and operating it is straightforward and intuitive. It also requires little maintenance,” Norbert Schröder adds, and highlights another function of the device that is particularly useful for schools: “Thanks to a built-in CO2 sensor, the device can also indicate when the oxygen content in the air has fallen to a level that makes ventilation advisable in order to prevent fatigue and a loss of concentration among the pupils.” Hence, the system not only provides for a healthy indoor climate, he says, but also a good learning atmosphere when used in classrooms.

    But that is not all: “The device works so quietly that it can operate continuously during lessons without causing any disturbance,” developer Hans Felser points out. In addition, the design of the ‘Krantz VIRUSPROTECT’ ensures that the pathogen concentration in the air is reduced as soon as the device starts operating.

    In short: “The device is designed for rooms with a size of about 90 square meters and gatherings of up to 35 people. This makes it the ideal solution for classrooms, especially when permanent ventilation during the winter months is barely practicable,” says Norbert Schröder, pointing out that by combining several devices, viruses and microorganisms in the air could be effectively combated in larger rooms, too.

    Indoor air filter contributes to combating coronavirus
    “The ‘Krantz VIRUSPROTECT’ is a typical STEAG product, combining as it does a high level of technical problem-solving skills and the principle of cost-effectiveness,” comments Joachim Rumstadt, Chairman of the Board of Management of STEAG GmbH. “If our innovative new development succeeds in contributing to mitigating the social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly for school children, we will have all the more reason to be proud of it.”