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  • Surface seal for the old section of Troisdorf Landfill

    Earthworks in the first construction section to commence as soon as the weather permits

    Troisdorf/Gladbeck. At the Troisdorf landfill site, work to seal the surface in the old landfill area is due to start in the near future. All the necessary preparations have been carried out, and construction will begin as soon as the weather permits. An increase in traffic is to be expected due to deliveries of construction materials while the work is performed.

    The upcoming work is the first of several construction lots in which the overall project of sealing the surface of the old landfill area is divided into sections. “The planning and implementation of the work is largely determined by nature conservation and species protection concerns on the landfill site,” explains Dietmar Andresen, project manager for the construction project. Ecological construction monitoring by an external firm of experts is therefore also a requirement for a permit to be issued by the Cologne district government.

    Some increased traffic volume to be expected
    “Large quantities of construction material will be delivered for the sealing work. At peak times, this can lead to increased traffic in the vicinity of the landfill. By coordinating deliveries for the parallel landfill operation and for the construction work, we will equalize the traffic volume as much as possible in order to keep the impact as low as possible,” explains Dietmar Andresen. But to the regret of MINERALplus as well, such effects unfortunately cannot be completely avoided.

    The expectation of higher traffic volumes also applies to the landfill site itself, where increased vehicle movements are also to be expected. “Since the upcoming work will be at least partially visible to neighbors and third parties, we are pleased to take this opportunity to explain the background in advance,” says Dietmar Andresen.

    No connection with forestry work
    In this context, Frank Borchers, Managing Director of MINERALplus, once again expressly emphasizes that the earthworks now beginning have no connection with the forestry work that has already commenced on the landfill site in recent days: “The forestry work had to be started at short notice because of the serious infestation of the diseased trees by pests and the imminent ban on clearing when the breeding and nesting phase begins in March, in order to prevent the fungal disease from spreading to the healthy tree population.”

    Because of these time constraints, some of the forestry work scheduled at short notice is now taking place at the same time as the construction of the surface seal for the old part of the landfill, which had already been planned for some time. There however is no causal connection between the two.

    As a subsidiary of STEAG Power Minerals GmbH, MINERALplus GmbH, the operator of the Troisdorf landfill, is part of the Essen-based energy Group STEAG GmbH.