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  • STEAG to go ahead with construction of Gladbeck wind turbine

    Project partners plan to start work in early November

    Gladbeck/Essen. In consultation with its shareholders, Gladbeck Wind GmbH – the project and future operating company for the planned wind turbine on Gladbeck’s Mottbruchhalde mining heap – has officially decided to go ahead with construction of the facility. Having recently lodged notification of the start of construction with Gladbeck’s municipal authorities, building work is to commence from week 47 onwards. When building will actually get under way depends on final scheduling arrangements to be agreed with the construction companies involved.

    Dr. Markus Laukamp, Managing Director of STEAG New Energies GmbH, which is responsible for the wind power project within the STEAG Group, explains: “Following the announcement of the start of construction, which we made in order to ensure that work could begin this year, we analyzed and evaluated all aspects of the project once again, culminating in our final decision to build.”

    A site fence is set to be erected at the Mottbruchhalde as early as this week. “The fence will replace the amphibian fencing that is no longer needed now that this year’s seasonal toad migration is over,” says Markus Laukamp. The fence will be put up in close consultation with Ruhrkohle AG, currently still the owner of the mining heap.

    STEAG optimistic about lawsuit outcome
    STEAG has taken note that the city of Gladbeck, having received notification of the start of construction, has announced its intention to take legal action against the immediate execution of the legally valid construction permit. “We are aware that there is a municipal council resolution requiring the city of Gladbeck to take this action,” Markus Laukamp points out, continuing that the company was neither surprised nor perturbed as this had been expected.

    With the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Münster having clearly ruled in favor of the company and the wind turbine in summary proceedings at the end of September, STEAG is confident about the outcome of the pending legal clarification. “We see our interpretation of the law so clearly confirmed by this court decision that we believe the time has come to finally make this cutting-edge project happen after almost a decade of planning,” Markus Laukamp declares.

    STEAG seeking dialogue
    As it enters the implementation phase of the project, STEAG will continue to focus on transparency and dialogue with local politicians and the public: “We have noted a marked change in the attitude towards the project as of late, especially at the local political level in Gladbeck, and so we are more than willing to hold constructive talks with any democratic parties and groups that might now be interested in finding out more about the wind turbine,” Markus Laukamp stresses. STEAG hopes that this will enhance acceptance of the wind turbine in Gladbeck, both at the local political level and among the public at large.