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    New branding for STEAG

    Transformation of the long-established company now expressed in new Corporate Design

    Essen. The Essen-based energy company has revamped its brand identity. In doing so, STEAG is visibly expressing the company’s ever more rapid transformation. The long-established energy company has already been successfully involved for some time in the field of energy from renewables, the currently developing hydrogen economy and methods of decarbonizing industry.

    “STEAG is repositioning itself and focusing on business areas and markets with growth potential, some of which are completely new,” says Joachim Rumstadt, Chairman of the Board of Management of STEAG GmbH. In this respect, it is the right time to express the transformation of the company by means of visible and tangible repositioning.

    Coal phase-out successfully completed
    The voyage to the energy industry of tomorrow goes hand in hand with a successful departure from the long-dominant power plant business. By autumn 2022, almost all of STEAG’s hard coal-fired power plants in Germany will be off the market. The only exception is the “young” Walsum 10 power plant in Duisburg, for which STEAG is currently examining a change of fuel from hard coal to biomass.

    “This development is also reflected in our carbon footprint. From 1990 to the present day we have already reduced our annual emissions in Germany by 85 percent,” says Dr. Ralf Schiele, the STEAG board member responsible for the Market and Technology divisions.

    Evolution instead of revolution
    In its new approach to the market, the energy company is consciously focusing on preserving what has proven successful. “STEAG has immense expertise in the design, construction and operation of energy facilities, in the control of complex processes and in decarbonization. Added to this is extensive energy industry know-how: “We have developed our name into a brand in many decades and you don’t just throw an asset like that overboard,” as Christoph Dollhausen, Head of Marketing at STEAG, explains the approach. The company is using its tried and tested strengths to assert itself in the growth fields and markets of the future energy industry. Just like the company itself, the brand continues to develop systematically without casting off everything that has already been achieved. “STEAG is not revolutionizing, but evolving – and that very successfully, not for the first time in the company’s 85-year history, Joachim Rumstadt recognizes.

    Leaner and more agile
    In concrete terms, the corporate logo and color scheme, and other design elements in the brand image, have changed. Fundamentally, STEAG has remained true to its corporate color blue and the contrasting yellow, but is now also relying on other hues and other emphases. The new blue and yellow tones are lighter, fresher and more dynamic. Overall, the new corporate design is dynamic and future-oriented.

    The same applies to the logo, whose slimmer style reflects the structural changes in the company: “As part of the realignment, we are becoming leaner, more agile and even more market-oriented in our organization. We are already well on the way,” says Joachim Rumstadt.