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    Emissions accounting made easy

    STEAG subsidiary OPTENDA develops digital CO2 monitoring tool

    Stuttgart/Essen. Stuttgart-based OPTENDA GmbH, a subsidiary of the Essen-based energy company STEAG which specializes in solutions for digital energy management and energy services, has developed the new “CO2 Monitor” software for monitoring and accounting of CO2 emissions. CO2 Monitor therefore significantly simplifies CO2 and sustainability management, which are becoming increasingly important. The software has been developed for use in both companies from industry, trade and commerce of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, and also local authorities and public institutions.

    The OPTENDA software enables fast and simple recording of all CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Data is entered via an intuitively understandable input mask, which guides the user step by step through the data acquisition process. Predefined selection options for calculation of emission quantities are available to suit the specific requirements of the relevant enterprise.

    Simple and efficient: CO2 footprint calculation with CO2 Monitor
    This eliminates a great deal of manual work for employees in preparing data, which is instead handled completely by the software. Emissions from upstream and downstream stages along the entire value chain are also taken into account, making it possible to determine a comprehensive carbon footprint. The extent to which these emissions should be included can also be specified easily and flexibly with CO2 Monitor: only a few clicks are needed to determine whether a greenhouse gas balance is to be created for the entire company, for an individual site or for a specific product.

    To ensure that the calculations are up to date and correct at all times, CO2 Monitor obtains the emission factors for greenhouse gas emissions which it uses as a basis for its calculations from official databases. The accounting is carried out according to the GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol), which is recognized and used as the global standard for greenhouse gas accounting. This makes the calculated results and balances objectively comparable and assessable.

    Energy management and emissions management hand in hand
    OPTENDA stands for OPTIMIZE ENERGY BY DATA. The Stuttgart-based company is an expert in the fields of energy management and energy efficiency and already offers its customers a comprehensive and intuitive tool for optimizing energy consumption in the form of its Energy Monitor software. Due to the large overlap in content between energy management and greenhouse gas accounting, the CO2 Monitor software package represents a logical response to market developments and, to that extent, a logical extension of OPTENDA’s product portfolio.

    Important tool for successful decarbonization
    The two software packages – Energy Monitor and CO2 Monitor – can each be operated independently, but in combination, i.e. hand in hand, they play out further strengths and synergies. “Whereas Energy Monitor makes energy flows and consumption transparent in order to develop and implement strategies for optimized energy use, CO2 Monitor ensures transparency in greenhouse gas emissions and by doing so provides the fundamental data for decarbonizing products, sites and companies as a whole,” explains Sebastian Braun, Managing Director of OPTENDA.

    To complement the software, OPTENDA offers direct support throughout the process of corporate CO2 management: customers have the opportunity to access the expertise of OPTENDA’s experts in data acquisition and emissions accounting. They can then benefit from OPTENDA’s know-how and extensive network when it comes to implementing CO2 reduction measures.

    In cooperation with partners, OPTENDA also offers options for offsetting unavoidable emissions and supplying CO2-neutral energy. With this comprehensive range of services, OPTENDA supports its customers and society as a whole on the chosen path towards CO2 and climate neutrality.