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  • The future technology for investors: Hydrogen

    Hydrogen is the energy of the future, which can be attributed to the climate targets adopted by the German government. The government plans to invest nine billion euros in new technology as part of its hydrogen strategy.

    It is clear that greenhouse gases are to be reduced by 65% by 2030 and CO2 neutrality is to be achieved by 2045. A mammoth task - also for industry. This creates enormous potential for investors, because such projects also need to be financed. We provide comprehensive advice on investing in the production and marketing of green hydrogen. The possibilities are manifold. According to the national hydrogen strategy, the German government plans to invest a total of nine billion euros to promote hydrogen production in and for Germany; two billion of this is expressly earmarked for international cooperation projects.

    One example: In addition to participating in project developments, investors can acquire shares in newly founded operating companies. Together with the project partners, the investors finance the development and construction of the water electrolysis plant as well as the connection to industry or local grids - keyword energy marketing. In this way, investors secure stable cash flows.

    Many years of experience in planning, operation, maintenance and optimization of power generation plants

    Conceptual design and support of research and development projects for CO2 capture, storage/ batteries, hydrogen electrolysis from application to integration in existing plants

    Project development of PtX applications and industrial application possibilities

    Technical and economic assessment of different PtX technologies along the entire value chain.

    Use of hydrogen as electricity storage (generation, storage and reconversion)

    Decarbonization through system integration of hydrogen

    Around a quarter of CO2 emissions are attributable to the industrial sector. Investments in climate neutrality measures are becoming increasingly important for companies and financiers.

    In this case, investments should also be followed by concrete projects, which have to be designed taking into account technical, economic and regulatory framework conditions. Here, STEAG offers itself as a strong advisor with experience. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) supports energy-intensive industry with its "Decarbonization in Industry" program. The declared aim is to permanently reduce CO2 emissions in this sector. This is a challenge for the steel, lime or chemical industries with their high process-related emissions. Decarbonization of these industries is thus crucial to achieving the German climate targets set by law. Large investments are therefore necessary! We can provide you with competent advice on hydrogen projects and state hydrogen subsidies. The funding project, funding object, financing, application and much more are aspects that need to be discussed in advance.

    We are taking hydrogen projects a step further and developing concepts for linking the energy sectors of electricity, heat and transport - so-called sector coupling. Another interesting area for investors. The real goal of linking energy and consumption sectors is no less than decarbonizing the global economy. We're leading the way, follow us!

    Possibilities with local hydrogen storage

    Hydrogen produced by electrolysis can be stored in local tanks, opening up financially new and attractive opportunities in the transport and industrial sectors. Energy-intensive industries, such as steel and chemicals, require enormous quantities of hydrogen for their production processes.

    The advantages of green hydrogen

    Hydrogen is a central building block for a CO2-neutral future. Here we would like to briefly present the potential and advantages of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

    • Green hydrogen is a clean energy source. CO2-neutral hydrogen can be produced with electricity from renewable sources.
    • No harmful by-products are created during the production of hydrogen.
    • Power-to-X produces heat and water, these can be used just as effectively.
    • Hydrogen is suitable for cogeneration.
    • Hydrogen can be produced infinitely.
    • Hydrogen is a powerful fuel and three times more powerful than fossil fuels.
    • Hydrogen fuel cells have a high efficiency of up to 65%, conventional combustion power plants are 33-35%.
    • Hydrogen reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Green hydrogen production will become cheaper:
    • Learning curve, cost degression.
    • Fossil hydrogen will become more expensive due to CO2 pricing.
    • Hydrogen is a readily tradable and transportable commodity.
    • Hydrogen can be stored. Ideally suited for energy-intensive industrial plants.

    Hydrogen demand forecast in MtH2

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