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  • Hydrogen as an energy carrier for industrial companies

    Hydrogen has arrived as an energy carrier in the steel sector, the bedrock of large-scale industry. German steel should and must become climate-neutral, which may well be achieved in a few years by using green hydrogen instead of carbon.

    In direct reduction plants, hydrogen will then remove the oxygen from the iron ore - and without any CO2 emissions at all. A full seven percent of the carbon dioxide emitted worldwide comes from the blast furnaces of the steel industry. This would be a milestone if only water vapor were emitted the smokestacks in the future. Achieving this technological change has been cemented once again by the European Commission's Green Deal. The decarbonization of large-scale industry can therefore begin.

    "We are convinced that hydrogen can be a solution for the energy transition."

    Jan Constantin Hintzen, STEAG Energy Services

    STEAG - partner of the hydrogen industry

    To manage such a transformation, you need a competent partner. To stay with the example of the steel industry - here we are talking about nothing less than the conversion of blast furnaces, the construction of electrolysis plants or hydrogen tanks.

    In short, comprehensive technical and economic concepts are needed. To realize the decarbonization of the steel industry, STEAG and its partner thyssenkrupp Steel have initiated the project „HydroOxy Hub Walsum“ implemented. The plant is scheduled to go into operation early 2026 and supply thyssenkrupp's steel mill with green hydrogen.

    Expertise in all matters relating to hydrogen applications

    For more than 80 years, we have been providing our customers with competent support in all phases of efficient and safe power generation.

    We advise companies on hydrogen production in Germany as part of the Green Deal. In doing so, we support them in feasibility studies and approval planning or negotiate for them at eye level with suppliers. We develop technical and economic concepts for energy solutions, such as hydrogen energy storage or entire hydrogen power plants. STEAG currently operates large power plants in four German states as well as more than 400 decentralized plants for green energy generation and heat supply.

    80 years of experience

    6,258 employees worldwide

    10,583 MW Operational management

    7,121 MW Installed capacity

    We market the energy of your company

    In addition to conception and consulting, we also offer the marketing of your generated energy with our Trading division.

    HydroHub, whose core element is an electrolyzer, can be used to feed the hydrogen produced into the regional natural gas network, for example, in order to supply energy to the local public transport system. Furthermore, the additional heat generated during the production of hydrogen can be fed into the district heating network.

    Our services at a glance

    Concepts and studies

    Together with you, we define your objectives before awarding the contract. We record the actual situation during an on-site inspection and create a forecast based on the collected data. Based on this, we develop a future-oriented and suitable concept variant for you, which we evaluate technically and economically.


    Future technologies such as hydrogen are politically desired and receive financial support from the government and other initiatives for planning and implementation. We check the eligibility of your project and support you in preparing the applications so that you receive the best possible funding.


    In large-scale projects, explicit and forward-looking planning is the be-all and end-all. As your partner, we take over the detailed project preparation and prepare the preliminary, design and approval planning of your project based on the concepts and studies. At the same time, we can also support you in the preparation and monitoring of the implementation planning, so that the project implementation can be successfully designed.

    Procurement planning

    Major projects require precise procurement planning so that all deadlines can be met. We support you in the preparatory phase of the awarding procedure: From the definition of the award conditions, the preparation of specifications, bills of quantities as well as guidelines to the holding of preliminary talks with potential suppliers, we support your project. Furthermore, we review the corresponding offers and prepare a recommendation for awarding the contract, which forms the basis for updating the cost planning and the time schedules.

    Owner’s Engineer

    We are your Owner's Engineer! - Every project requires specific know-how in the different project phases. Due to our intensive project experience you can benefit from our know-how, because as your Owner's Engineer we take over all above mentioned essential points in the project for you. From planning, procurement and supplier monitoring to quality assurance and construction supervision to commissioning.

    Many years of experience in planning, operation, maintenance and optimization of power generation plants

    Conceptual design and support of research and development projects for CO2 capture, storage/ batteries, hydrogen electrolysis from application to integration in existing plants

    Project development of PtX applications and industrial application possibilities

    Technical and economic assessment of different PtX technologies along the entire value chain.

    Use of hydrogen as electricity storage (generation, storage and reconversion)

    We go ahead, go with us!


    Waste becomes green fuel


    In Zella Mehlis in southern Thuringia, the regional "Zweckverband für Abfallwirtschaft Südwestthüringen" (ZASt) operates a waste recycling plant that supplies an entire region with electricity and heat. By the end of 2023, a production plant for synthetic methanol is to be built at this site, funded by the state of Thuringia. STEAG and the planning and engineering office Dr. Born - Dr. Ermel GmbH are the general planners for the customer to plan the modern methanol plant and to supervise its realization.

    The aim of the project, for which ZASt will invest a total of tens of million euros at the Zella-Mehlis site, is to produce green, climate-friendly methanol. This is widely used as a basic material in the chemical industry, for example, but can also replace fossil fuels as a green fuel and thus contribute to the decarbonization of the mobility sector.

    Household waste becomes green fuel
    Hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are needed to turn the residual waste of around 480,000 Thuringians into climate-friendly synthetic methanol. When both substances react with each other using a special catalyst, they can be converted into methanol. The second technical component is a plant for CO2 capture from the waste gas stream from waste recycling. Downstream of the electrolysis and CO2 separation, the actual methanol synthesis plant will be built, which will produce around 5,000 to 7,000 metric tons of green fuel per year in Zella-Mehlis in the future.

    Lighthouse Zella-Mehlis
    The project in Zella-Mehlis has lighthouse character in terms of circular economy and energy transition. Because by means of methanol synthesis, it not only succeeds in significantly reducing CO2 emissions by up to 10,000 tons of CO2 capture per year, but also makes an important contribution to successful sector coupling by helping to decarbonize mobility.

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