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  • STEAG Fernwärme on the air

    Radio ads start appearing at the beginning of the heating season.

    A radio ad – goes into your ear and stays in your head! That's what the marketing team at STEAG Fernwärme is also thinking. From 22 October to 15 December 2018, Fernwärme ads will therefore once again be broadcast on Radio Essen and Radio Emscher Lippe.

    "Winter is coming – do I have to freeze now?", the voice of a penguin will be saying on the radios as of October. No, of course not: STEAG Fernwärme provides cosy warmth, even when temperatures drop outside. And not just in your own home, but also in companies, hospitals and public buildings. “By means of the climate cavaliers, we have already established positive relations with the brand. “We would like to keep them emotionally charged them with likeable ads", explains Jana Weirich, a marketing employee. Due to the local broadcast of our radio ads in the supply area in Essen, Gelsenkirchen and Bottrop, we are reaching our exact target audience – and with a large reach", says Weirich. Around seven million people will listen to the ads.

    "A positive image is an important cornerstone for successful sales", emphasises Michael Straus, Member of the Executive Board of STEAG Fernwärme. This also increases the chance of potential customers looking into the details of the STEAG district heating supply. The advantages of district heating can be found on the website www.klimakavaliere.de: environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, space-saving and state-subsidised.

    The newly conceptualised ads will run a total of 347 times on the radio. In addition, there are so-called reminders that repeat the message of the main ad in a more concise form, as well as so-called weather patronage. Listeners will then hear the weather report before the ad: “The weather in Essen, presented by the climate cavaliers – the district heating supplier for feel-good heating at home”.

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