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    Highly specialized manufacturing processes in industry require individual and flexible power generation. STEAG New Energies
    has specialized in the planning, financing, construction and operation of these distributed generation facilities.

    With an ultra-modern engine-based combined heat and power (CHP) plant, power generation at the Karlsberg brewery is now significantly more efficient and reliable. As an additional effect, the combined generation of heat and electricity avoids a considerable amount of CO2 emissions, namely around 5,200 metric tons per annum.

    Only the best technology was what the Ford managers wanted for the production of their mid-range bestseller in Saarlouis – both for the Focus itself and for power generation at the works in which all the models of that series for the EU market are manufactured. Ford engaged STEAG New Energies (SNE) to establish the conceptual design for distributed supply of electricity and heat to the works. The STEAG specialists were responsible for the planning and developed a concept for the construction and financing of the five combined heat and power generating units with a total capacity of 20 MW thermal and 22 MW electrical energy. On completion, SNE also took on the operation and maintenance of the system.

    “The cooperation with Ford is a glowing example of the various opportunities we offer our customers,” says SNE Director Dr. Markus Laukamp. “We compile a customized bid based on their individual requirements, build the plant, and if required provide or supervise operation and maintenance services – as a one stop shop.”


    „The cooperation with Ford is a glowing example of the various opportunities we offer our customers“

    SNE Director Dr. Markus Laukamp

    From the quotation phase onwards, everything revolves around the wishes of the customer

    In the bidding phase, the SNE engineers analyze the initial situation and requirements and work out a comprehensive solution based on this. “At this early stage, we already orient ourselves to the individual customer requirements,” says Markus Laukamp. “For example, which technologies are preferred by the customer, how should the financing be structured, and also how can we optimize the plant with our knowledge of the energy industry?” SNE accompanies the construction phase with the overall planning and the selection of the service providers. In addition, the engineers ensure compliance with health and safety standards at the construction site and also involve the customer’s employees in the project team. “Regular information on the status of the project is a standard for us,” the SNE director explains. “We have a track record comprising the experience and successes of previous projects, and so the projects remain on time and on budget.” Thanks to this approach and the company’s project experience, SNE only needed one year for the construction of the Ford energy center in Saarlouis.

    Customers can draw on the complete know-how of STEAG New Energies

    Finally, the STEAG subsidiary also offers the greatest possible flexibility in the operating phase: The bid provides for both a complete performance of operation and maintenance services by experienced SNE operating teams and the involvement of the customer’s specialist staff.

    The Saarland-based Karlsberg brewery has recently also taken advantage of these diverse competencies. There, the SNE engineers planned and built a combined heat and power plant with an output of around 3.4 MWel – tailored to the brewery’s electricity requirements. The trick: If the heat generated during electricity production is not needed at the time it is generated, it can be fed into the connected heating network of Heizkraftwerk Homburg GmbH. And that, in turn, is operated by SNE together with Stadtwerke Homburg.