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  • Life in a large family

    In Sochagota, Colombia, the site of the Termopaipa IV power plant, STEAG is playing an active role with projects for society, health and the environment – from the construction of schools and sports facilities to promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

    At STEAG, corporate responsibility has always been expressed not only in business activities, but also in caring for employees, the environment and society. And this guiding principle is implemented not only in domestic regions, but also at foreign locations. STEAG’s commitment in Colombia is particularly evident in the social involvement of Compañía Eléctrica de Sochagota (CES). The operating company of the Termopaipa IV power plant, in which STEAG holds a 51 percent stake, has set up a special social affairs department.

    “We work in three different projects in Sochagota,” explains Maria Alejandra Camargo Guerrera, assistant to the social affairs department at CES. “In this way, we want to make an active contribution to improving the living conditions of the people here in the region.”

    In the ‘Training and Education for Development’ project, for example, local residents are made aware of local environmental issues such as organic farming, vegetable cultivation, protection of water sources and livestock farming. The ‘Health Promotion and Basic Sanitation’ project focuses on training in healthy lifestyles, including regular visits to doctors, and waste separation and management. Finally, the ‘Leisure, Sport and Culture’ project focuses on helping children and young people. “We are currently looking after 140 children and young people between the ages of 5 and 16,” Maria Alejandra Camargo Guerrera explains. “Most of them come from the surrounding villages that are part of the CES catchment area.” The company has also built football pitches and gymnasiums, as well as school buildings and community halls.

    For Maria Alejandra Camargo Guerrera, the response of the residents to this commitment is an affirmation of her work: “I can see the relationship between the communities and the company growing – we have grown together into one large family.”