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  • Helping the needy

    It is well known that looking beyond your own nose helps to broaden your own horizons. Especially when it’s a topic you don’t come into contact with in your normal working life – like poverty, for example.

    Since 2013, there has been a good tradition at STEAG in Essen: Every Tuesday, the so-called STEAG Tuesday, keen volunteers from among the workforce help in the soup kitchen run by the protestant church in Essen. In this social service facility food and drinks are distributed to the needy, including the homeless.

    Udo Woidneck, who coordinates the social activities and works as a compliance officer at STEAG, reports: “The support of the soup kitchen through active help on site is very well received by our employees, especially as one of our STEAG colleagues had the idea. We are happy to be able to support a local institution and help right on our doorstep.”

    The commitment of STEAG employees is on a voluntary basis; they forgo their lunch break from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the period of deployment. For the outstanding 30 minutes, they are released from duties by STEAG in recognition of their commitment.

    However, the soup kitchen is much more than the name suggests, because 30 to 40 complete hot meals are served by volunteers, such as the STEAG employees, to people who depend on support. For a small fee, the needy can have a hot lunch including a drink and dessert.

    Furthermore, church social workers help homeless people to find housing, and addicts are helped in the integrated counselling center. In front of the building there is also a special ambulance from the City of Essen’s Social Services Association in which customers of the Social Center can receive treatment free of charge.

    The help of STEAG employees is not limited to the commitment in the soup kitchen. At the Essen office location, surplus drugstore articles and old clothes are collected in a textile container behind the main building in the entrance area to the canteen and handed over to the deaconry for distribution to the needy. In this way, even in economically difficult times, we look beyond our own horizons and help those in need.

    “We are delighted to support a local institution and be able to help right on our doorstep.”

    Udo Woidneck, Compliance Officer at STEAG