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    The STEAG affiliate CORMETECH Inc. donated 15,000 US dollars to the “Feed the Children” campaign – and created a better Christmas for 400 needy families.

    STEAG SCR Tech, a joint venture of STEAG Energy Services, Energy Capital Partners and CORMETECH, has been operating under the joint name of CORMETECH since the end of 2017. The US company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality environmental catalysts and services for the energy, marine, industrial processes, refineries and petrochemical industries. The company employs approximately 300 people at its manufacturing facilities in Durham, North Carolina and Cleveland, Tennessee.

    There have been better times in Kings Mountain. For many years, the city in the US state of North Carolina benefited from the mines in which pegmatite – a rock from which lithium is extracted – was mined, and from the textile industry. But since the mines were abandoned in the 1990s and textile production was mainly relocated to Asia at the turn of the century, life in the city of 9,700 inhabitants has changed. Purchasing power fell, unemployment rose. More than 18 percent of families now live below the poverty line.

    Such difficult living conditions are all the more noticeable at Christmas time when families do not have enough money to buy gifts for their children or to put a hot meal on the table during the holiday period. To support these families, CORMETECH joined forces with the aid organization “Feed the Children” and called for a “Feed the Children Day” in Kings Mountain on December 12, 2017. The aim was to supply 400 families with food and everyday necessities – and there were also books for the children.

    Mike Mattes, CEO of CORMETECH, arranged for a company donation of 15,000 US dollars and also asked the employees for support – and they did not take long to respond, with 60 men and women from the CORMETECH team spending a day putting together boxes containing 12.5 kilograms of food for each of the 400 families.

    “We’ve seen that Kings Mountain is in urgent need of help,” says Mike Mattes. “We hope that the Christmas season will now be a little more pleasant for these families.” The CORMETECH CEO also announced that he would continue to support “Feed the Children”.

    Not only the families themselves, but also Scott Neisler, the mayor of Kings Mountain, expressed his gratitude. “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of CORMETECH. The company has shown that it takes its responsibility to the community seriously. Thank you, CORMETECH, for being a part of Kings Mountain!”