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    Adventures for children and young people, relief for working parents – STEAG’s holiday programs are an opportunity to have fun and make friends.

    “Holidays are great. Unless you’re bored” – a captivating piece of logic that only the mouths of children can express in this clarity. However, boredom is unlikely if the children’s parents are employed by STEAG. After all, the energy company is aware that the children play a role in its employees’ wellbeing. And that is why STEAG organizes a special holiday program for children and young people twice a year – a one-week holiday camp at the Rursee in the Eifel and currently a seven-day program during the last week of the summer holidays in STEAG’s home city of Essen.

    “There’s no need for anyone to get bored with us,” says Nadine Stang, Health and Social Management Officer at STEAG, where she works mainly in the field of work and families. “In our varied summer holiday program, the children and young people are on the road with the team of youth leaders every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For example, we go to the high ropes course, we organize an Olympic Games at Lake Baldeney and drive to the Ketteler Hof amusement park.” And a day at STEAG headquarters is also part of the program: “Our participants pass through many departments from the mail room to the office of the CEO. This is a special experience for the children and young people because they have the opportunity to spend the day with their parents in the company.

    30 children between the ages of six and fourteen take part each year in the summer holiday program, which STEAG is organizing for the fourth time this year. “Some of the children turn up again and again,” says Nadine Stang. “Either in our summer program or at the summer camp: Friendships are made and grow there, and firm plans are made to meet up again in the next holidays.”

    One secret of this success is the youth leaders – they have been the same ones for years. Continuity is an important factor for children and young people. They have gained confidence in the team that looks after them for the week during the holidays. And it is also important for parents to know that their children are well looked after for nine hours every day. “For many working parents, looking after schoolchildren during the holidays is a real challenge,” says Nadine Stang. “The advantage of the STEAG children’s holiday program is that the care covers practically all the parents’ working hours and the children do not have to be taken to another place and picked up later, because the program starts and ends where the parents work. That’s what makes it so special compared to other systems.”

    The large number of people wanting to take part prove that the Health and Social Management team have got it right: “On the last day, many children are already asking when we will start our program next year. And there are also cases in which parents organize the holidays for their children accordingly. That’s probably the nicest compliment we can get.”