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  • Solar thermal power generation

    In addition to photovoltaics, solar thermal energy can also generate electricity from sunlight. The Spanish power plant Arenales near Seville generates environmentally friendly electricity for 50,000 households. In summer even around the clock*. How does it work?

    7 hours.
    Nocturnal electricity production under full load by means of thermal salt reservoirs

    510.000 m²
    Collector surface

    156 rows
    of parabolic mirrors

    50 MW
    Installed capacity

    140 GWh
    Electricity generation by the power plant each year

    Heat transfer oil, heated by solar radiation, generates steam in a heat exchanger, which, as in conventional power plants, drives a steam turbine. In this way, electricity is produced by a generator, and fed into the grid. At the same time, a thermal store (salt store) is charged during the day. It ensures that electricity can still be produced after sunset.