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  • Nathalie Anna Kapitza

    STEAG has always attached great importance to the promotion of young talent. That benefits Nathalie Anna Kapitza, among others, who is currently taking part in a dual training and education program as an industrial management assistant with a
    part-time bachelor’s degree in International Management. Part of this training involves an internship abroad, which the 26-year-old performed in Colombia.

    Why did you choose Colombia?
    I applied for the internship in Colombia above all because I am extremely interested in the South American culture. I wanted to get to know the country and the people – and everything that goes with it: on the one hand the working practices, but also everyday life, the lively music, the traditional food and the zest for life of the Colombians. Language was also an important factor in the choice of the internship. During my schooldays I had a few years of Spanish lessons. During my stay in Colombia I wanted to use and expand the language skills I had acquired.

    What experiences and impressions relevant to your professional future did you gain in Colombia?
    It was particularly interesting for me to experience the interactions and connections between the subsidiary Compania Eléctrica de Sochagota S.A. E.S.P (CES) and the parent company STEAG GmbH. My main task during my stay in Colombia was to compare the organizational directives of both companies and to adapt the CES directives to those of STEAG GmbH. Not only did I gain deep insights into the business culture, but I also got to know the different procedures and legal requirements. It has become clear to me that companies that operate internationally have to deal not only with the different cultures of the people, but also with the different working cultures in the respective countries.

    What advantages does the dual training system offer you personally and can you advise young people who are faced with the decision either to complete an apprenticeship or to go to university?
    Since I had already completed a university degree prior to the dual training program at STEAG, I can only recommend the dual training system in comparison. On the one hand, two qualifications are obtained within a short period of time. However, it is much more important not only to learn the theory, but also to have direct practical relevance through training in the company. In my day-to-day work I am able to gain a lot of experience, establish networks and apply my theoretical knowledge. That’s why I’m convinced that dual education and training creates a solid basis for a successful future career.