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  • Dennis Braun

    STEAG Energy Services is providing impetus to the digitalization of the energy industry with intelligent IT solutions for the optimization and monitoring of operational processes. The use of these systems contributes significantly to the increase in the profitability of energy generation systems in waste incineration, cement plants and other industries. Mechanical engineer and IT expert Dennis Braun is responsible for sales of these IT systems in Central Europe.

    Dennis Braun (39) studied Sales Engineering and Product Management at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Ruhr University in Bochum and graduated with a Master of Science in Energy and Process Engineering Systems. In the USA, he also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Lindenwood University, School of Business & Entrepreneurship in Saint Charles, Missouri. Since 2010, he has been responsible for sales of IT systems at STEAG Energy Services – System Technologies, with a focus on Central European companies.

    Mr. Braun, are the challenges in power generation the same on every market?
    Problems, challenges, opportunities – there are many terms for what energy companies have already had to master in recent years and will still have to master in the future. I am primarily concerned with companies from Central Europe. My customers are unanimous in telling me about increasingly stringent environmental regulations and increasing market pressure. Companies are now taking a holistic approach in order to increase the potential for further improvements in efficiency and availability. As a logical next step, the companies are now relying on what are known as performance engineers.

    What actual contribution can the software systems developed by STEAG make?
    Experts who are familiar with thermodynamics understand the power plant process very well. What used to be laboriously analyzed by hand now has to be done at a much higher speed and with much greater precision in order to meet the more difficult market requirements. Thanks to ever more powerful IT systems and the now widespread availability of data archives for the relevant process measurements, an evaluation can now be carried out within a few minutes. And this is precisely where our systems, which are developed from practical experience for practical applications and constantly updated and improved, can make an important contribution.

    Thanks to a unique combination of experience in the field of IT, power plant expertise and domain knowledge, System Technologies enables performance engineers to benefit and power plant efficiency to be improved in equal measure.

    Where do you see further potential improvements for the customers in future?
    As energy companies, we have become accustomed to the fact that framework conditions change rapidly. That is why I would like us to maintain and expand the good cooperation of the past within the industry, and here I am thinking of the entire spectrum of power generation. The close, cross-company cooperation in Europe now has to be transferred to the rest of the world.

    At the moment, I can see that individual customers are hesitant to invest in new equipment and are sticking to their existing IT systems and manual processes. But that takes time and costs money. Here, the use of professional tools can unleash enormous potential, for example because colleagues already have experience with standard tools, and the accompanying duties such as software updates and the consideration of new standards and calculation regulations are automatically handled by the software.

    I can therefore only invite all interested parties to discuss with the experts from STEAG Energy Services – System Technologies whether our tried and tested systems can provide tailor-made solutions for their specific requirements. Our references from satisfied customers will convince you.